NC Skywarn Program Application

A request may be submitted for equipment and/or supplies used to effectively report severe weather events to the National Weather Service or your regional NET controller during an active weather net. If your equipment has been damaged and you are requesting a replacement be sure to describe the event, circumstances of the damage and the date of the event as well as a detailed description of the equipment that has been damaged. You may not receive the exact match to your damaged equipment but a functional replacement may be available to provide you the ability to report future events. All requests are subject to funding and equipment availability, you will be contacted via email as to the availability. If funding or the equipment is not available at the time of your request you will be placed on a waiting list until either funding or the equipment becomes available. Priority will be given based on the submitted request date.

Equipment Program Request

I am a new spotter and need equipment and or materials to start reporting:

My equipment has been damaged due to a severe weather event:

Training Program Request

Funds Availability Notice and Disclosure

NC Skywarn’s equipment and training fund is subject to funds availability, we are a 100% donations funded program providing equipment, supplies and education support to those Skywarn spotters and emergency services personnel in the state of North Carolina. Each request will be reviewed and the information provided will be verified to ensure proper allocation of funds, equipment and supplies. By pressing the submit button you agree to allow the NC Skywarn Group to verify the information you have provided within this application. If your request is approved you will receive the equipment and or supplies requested. If tuition assistance has been requested, we will contact the school/facility and provide them with a payment towards your tuition. A representative of the NC Skywarn Group will contact you with the information pertaining to the amount that will be paid and when the payment will be made.